Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Overpainting a Photo

Day 18 - Since I was painting over photos anyway, I decided to try a larger format 10 x 12 inch experiment.

First I prepared the background with painted deli wrap and then found an interesting photo in a catalog and glued that in place. 

And then I started to make changes.  First I painted over the face with transparent Claudine Hellmuth paint.  Using this paint instead of other acrylic paint meant that I could see through the paint in order to draw over the features.  Then I added part of a green wreath from a catalog as hair, more deli wrap and printed paper as clothing, a deli wrap butterfly and additional layers of stamps and paint. 

Turned out sort of weird don't you think?  But a worthy experiment to try to actually USE a lot of the previous days' lessons.

I had an interesting thought this morning.  It may be that many 100 Day Project people have this thought right about now.  I was wondering if there were enough collage projects left in my brain for 80 more days???  Then I remembered that I don't need to do something DIFFERENT each day - I just need to DO something each day.  That made me feel better.

I worked so long at this project yesterday that I considered taking two days credit for it.  But I don't want to cheat the process so I am going to sneak in some studio time today.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - maybe I will make a turkey collage.  Or not....         barbara

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