Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Face Appears, Crackles and a Dog!

 Day 10 - I enjoyed this one.  Not sure what do attempt so I just took torn bits of painted deli wrap and used gel medium to glue it down.  Also medium over the top.  Great fun and I always love to see faces appear in my work!

The deli wrap is such a great collage material because it disappears when it is glued with medium.  AND if you use the right medium, you can easily write or draw over it.  The trick is to use a medium with enough TOOTH.  Who knew???

Day 11 and 12 - It doesn't look like much but this is Distress Crackle Medium.  It took two days for this because the first area where I applied the medium (on the right) it was too thin to crackle effectively.

So I glopped it on thickly.  And it worked really well.

OK.  So I admit this little guy is strange.  I saw his picture in a catalog and just knew that I needed that cute little face on a card.  I didn't have any cards with the right color - so I used an entire layer of painted deli wrap to cover the background and then used gel medium to attach Mr. Dog.  And his strange little body.  I did learn that magazine photos need to be applied more carefully because he is sort of wrinkly.
But I like him anyway.
This was Day 13.

On Day 13 I also did mono printing on the Gelli Plate.  I am having a LOT of fun with this and creating scads of paper to use in collages.  I print over old sketchbook pages and on deli wrap and am having fun trying new stencils.

I wonder what is next?   Hmmmm.....


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