Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Learning New Things

The 100 Days project, for me, is all about learning new things.  My project focuses on collage.  My initial focus is on creating layered backgrounds for my collages.  This includes using lots of NEW products and techniques that I have never tried before.  Scary!
I prefer working IN my comfort zone where I usually can succeed.  This project is OUT of my comfort zone.  And - surprisingly - I am really enjoying it.
I find that I am hesitant to try certain new things but once I start - I am totally involved and enjoying the process.  So I guess my 100 Day Project is a success so far - even if what I am creating is at times dorky and clumsy.

So here are some of my attempts to learn new things:

Day 2 and 3 - the green one is a mask, the red one is a stencil.  I was trying to really experience the difference between them.  

Day 4 - OK this one was very disappointing.  I used acrylic paint on a stamp and then used distress ink over the top and used a damp cloth to remove the ink from the white stamped image.
This is an example of a resist.
The idea is good - but I found out that some of the products (like the distress ink pads) are WAY OLD and no longer work like they are designed.  So I need to revisit this technique with other products later.

Day 5 - I made a triangle stencil and mask and also used a purchased stencil and played with them on two cards.  Fun.  It requires thinking to figure out what order to add the various layers.

Day 6 - Played with corrugated cardboard as a stamp.  The initial layer was the cardboard with acrylic paint.  Then I used various spray colors (ColorWash and Dylusions) over the initial layer.  Then wiped off the excess to reveal the stamped pattern.
Learned a lot - including the fact that some colors are a lot better than others and that contrast is good.
The spray is fun to use but since it is water soluble you could not layer paper using gel medium because the medium would dissolve the spray and color what you are adding.  Good to know.

This is my favorite one of the day because of the different directions of the lines in different colors.

Looking forward to more adventures in the next few days..... and weeks.....  uh huh!!


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