Friday, December 31, 2010

What is wrong with her?

About 6 months ago, I took an online class through Joggles and loved the class.  I learned many new techniques and created "River Bend Lady".  She has been hanging on my wall in the livingroom and every time I see her I ask myself what is wrong with her?  Very slowly I have reached a couple of conclusions.  First of all she needs more hair on her forhead.  I wanted her to look windblown but it looks like some of her hair has blown away.  I will add more to see if that makes a difference.  Secondly, she needs a bra.  She is too well endowed to go braless.  Not sure how to solve this problem but will let you see when I figure it out.  I recommend online classes from  as a great way to get new ideas with great instructors.  This is about the only way that I can do this since I live in traditional land in the middle of nowhere.  Jan

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gallery Show

It was so much FUN!  The Arkansas Craft Gallery looks so gorgeous - the displays are wonderful and Pat and Jane do such a nice job making everyone's work look beautiful.  And they really did a great job with my quilts and boxes and postcards.  They mixed in art work from other artists - and the combination made me smile.  This is a photo of the main wall showing my quilts.
I also got to do an artist demo.  And while I was chatting with folks about what it is that I do (a great mystery to most) I realized that I really miss talking to strangers about my work.  I wonder if I can find a way to do that more often next year?  Writing for this blog fills some of that need - but I like the face to face contact.  And I really like watching people who know me in other areas of my life seeing my artwork for the very first time.  My work is so whimsical that it definitely does not appeal to all people..... but at least they get to SEE what I love to create.  This is a photo of some of the frilly goodies that I brought for my display table so that folks could see the types of things I work with.... FUN!      Barbara

Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Time

Is anyone else TOO busy this Christmas season?  You would never know how busy my life is from looking at my calendar - but I have been scurrying about the house doing thousands of little things - and most days when I look back I don't have any idea where the time went.
But tomorrow is a day that I have been looking forward to for months.  I get to be a demonstrating artist and have an artist reception at the Arkansas Craft Gallery in Mountain View.  I am so excited - and honored that they are letting me do this!  I always love to talk to folks about my art and don't get that many opportunities.  So my demo materials are all packed up, the cookies for the reception are made, and I am ready!  I will try to take some photos to put on the blog.     Barbara

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inspiration from a challenge

Sometimes I go into a challenge kicking and screaming because I don't like to be told what to do.  Once in awhile, a challenge comes along that really inspires a creative frenzy. 

The small art quilt group that I belong to, the" Renegades", throws out a challenge at least once a year and this year the inspiration involved a deck of cards.  We were each asked to draw a card, create a work that is 18"X24" and  present it to the group at our May meeting.  As everyone drew a card, my  muse was having her own little silent fit.

Once I got into my studio, the muse and I had an attitude adjustment and started to brainstorm.  Now I have my sketch almost finished and am finishing up the last of the UFO's so that I can jump into this project with both feet and a great attitude. Since this will be kept under wraps until May, I will be giving little hints as I go along but won't post the finished project until after our May meeting.  Stay tunes!