Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Tiny Quilts

 So what is it about tiny things that make them so appealing?  These two quilts are 4" x 6" (postcard size) and I made them after the one for the SAQA swap.  I have to send the SAQA swap quilt (see previous post) to its new owner tomorrow and I will miss it!

But anyway - I am having so much fun making these tiny little quilts.  Partly because they are so quick and easy.  But mostly because they are so darned CUTE!

And I get to use up scraps (always a good thing).

My next project is a sample for a class that I am teaching at Sew Unique in Mtn. Home.  It is the same technique as these little guys - but larger.  I am hoping that it will attract some of the quilters who would like to try art quilting but are nervous about creating something without a pattern.

I am more nervous about trying to FOLLOW a pattern than creating without one.  I guess that is part of the freedom of never having been a traditional quilter.  Or just part of my personality.  Who knows???   barbara

Clarksville class sample

I am just tickled that I will be teaching a class in Clarksville AR on November 3.  I think it will be great fun and I am looking forward to introducing some new folks to art quilting.

The class will create a 12 inch square whimsical face quilt top.  We will be using pre-fused scraps and learning the basics of both face construction and fusible interfacing.  We will also talk about design and color.

This is my sample for the class.  Simple but fun.  And of course my favorite colors.  Haven't thought of a real name for her yet .....   barbara