Sunday, November 17, 2013

Applying texture thru Stencils

 Day 9 - I had time to actually experiment.  Some experiments were a success - and then there was this one.....  YUCK!

I applied black and white gesso thru a stencil using a palette knife.  The black was just ugly - and not because of the color.  The designs were just not crisp.  But the white gesso did an interesting thing - along the edge extra gesso went under the stencil but feathered out and made it look like I did something complicated.  But still nothing that I would do again.

Since I don't like to fail at something, I tried the gesso again.  I was trying to use a different angle with the palette knife.  Still looked awful.

But then I tried using a makeup sponge to apply the gesso and it worked a lot better.  The circles on the bottom are the ones applied with the sponge.

So then I tried Modeling Paste applied thru a stencil with a palette knife.  It worked great.  Very lumpy but a clear design.  On some areas I smoothed the paste, on others I tried to make it lumpy.

I have no idea how I will use this - but it was fun to try.

Again with the SPARKLES!!!  My favorite thing!  This is gel medium applied thru a stencil with a palette knife and then cheapo glitter sprinkled on.  And it seems very stable.  And fun.  I didn't try applying the gel medium with a sponge but that might make the circles more completely filled.


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