Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wings and Agnes is Elevating and Balancing

So I decided to start working on images for collage instead of just backgrounds.

Day 14 and 15    The challenge for these two days was to look in catalogs and find images that could be altered and made into something a little different.  This one is pretty simple but I do like the addition of the sparkly wings.

This one started with a photo of two vases (one large and one small).  The large vase is the "body" of this fine lady.  The smaller vase was sliced into skinny long arms.  And the hat was part of a very Moroccan looking hanging light fixture.  The hair was sliced from a red pepper wreath.  I like her a lot.  Perhaps she deserves a name..... Agnes!  Yes!  Agnes is Elevating and Balancing!


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