Thursday, January 9, 2014

Long Time

Wow.  It has been almost forever since I posted photos about my 100 Day Project.  Does that mean that I stopped?  Nope.  It means that I have been so wildly busy creating that I haven't wanted to take the time to post on my blog.  My bad! 

But - here are a bunch of photos of some of the things that I have been working on and learning from with short notes explaining what they are.....

Created a background using the Gelli Plate and then added a magazine photo.

And then added lots of bits and pieces and layers and paint and ended up with this piece.
Pretty interesting - and a LOT of fun.  Learned a lot too.

  Then I tried another one.  With a bird.  I like the layers around the edges and had a lot of fun adding tiny bits with pens and such.

This one started with a manila folder, scraps of all sorts of paper glued on in a random pattern.  Then an orange glaze to pull it all together.  Actually I had a lot of doubt about the glaze thing actually working - thought it was crazy to even try - but VOILA - it worked and the background was fine.

Then started adding layers and details.

And was OK with the basics.... then added more.....

This one got totally crazy.  Started with the purple boots.  Grew from there.  LOTS of fun.  Pretty peculiar but I learned about distributing color and white to balance the composition.

Found some old alpha stamps that  I got at a garage sale and never used.  But they had really neat little wooden handles.  Took off the alpha stamps, used some bits of sticky foam for designs - and they are wonderful for adding a bit of texture to any design.

Also learned that almost all of my old and moldy stamp pads no longer worked at all (FRUSTRATING!) and that I need to get some more...... 

But had fun experimenting.

These are some larger sticky foam stamps that I made.  These will be used to add texture to my Gelli prints.  They work great for that purpose.

This type of project is SOOO much fun.  You can really explore making exotic and creative designs with inexpensive materials.

Need to see if I can brayer paint on these and add to existing designs....  Hmmmm.....

Some friends want to try making paper dolls.  There are a million ways to approach this project.  Some are better than others.  One of the limiting factors is how to make a very "personal" doll without a huge amount of ephemera to pull from.

This is one idea.  I know, I know.... you can tell that one of the catalogs that I drew bits from was Victoria Secret!  But this is fantasy!!  Cool!!

This would be the first thing to try for a paper doll - sort of a way to get brave and experiment.  

Check out the next one.....

Ah yes.  This one is much more MY personality.  After getting the basics down and getting confident - one can sort of leap off the edge and get really crazy and fun!

More experimenting with the Gelli plate.  Place a photo under the plate and sort of glob paint on to trace the features - then print.  Sort of scary.  

But then I did something more - in the next post you will see the difference.

Here is the second globby painting.  I like it a lot.  

Sooooo - Lots of experiments.  Lots of FUN.  Lots of learning.

More soon....  barbara

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