Friday, November 8, 2013

Love at First Sight

I drew these two little critters quite a while ago.  When I found them recently I just knew that they needed to be in a quilt together. 

Putting TWO critters on a single quilt posed some real design challenges. 

This was my first attempt.  I really liked the dotted fabric that I initially selected for the startled critter (let's call her Juliette).  And I chose other fabrics to go along with her. 

I couldn't think of ANY fabric that I could use as a background except black.  And I enjoy working with black - but - they seemed to be just floating instead of anchored to a floor.... and what would I put in the large black area behind them? Hmmm.... maybe it was time to change gears completely.

So I abandoned Juliette's fabric choice.  And this opened up a whole new world of backgrounds.  One of my favorite background fabrics is this HotHouse fabric that has dots close together and then farther apart. 

I like the way that Juliette and (you guessed it) Romeo seem more anchored by the  compressed design at the bottom.

So I was content with the fabrics.  Next thing I needed to do was to find a way to fill up the space above Romeo and Juliette.  I decided that Romeo needed to be sending a visible loving message to Juliette since she looked so startled.  Heart shaped balloons seemed like a good choice.  This is my first layout.  Still too much empty space.  What to do?  What to do.....

Wouldn't it be better if Romeo actually had the balloons in his mouth?  Like a present?  Yes!!  That was the answer!

More photos as soon as I finish the quilt.....

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