Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chloe's First Communion

Our precious granddaughter Chloe made her First Communion on May 4 and we were so happy to be there.  She worked very hard to learn all of the things she needed to learn to accomplish this.

Chloe's sweet Mom, Helen, asked me to make a tiny little quilt to honor Chloe's special day.  I was very pleased to do this.

The quilt is only 12" square.  The hard part was the lettering.  How do you make the letters that tiny?  I printed them on some fusible fabric and the overall effect is fine - but I am certain that there must be a much easier way to accomplish this.  Next time.....


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Project

Another SAQA Spring swap!  The swap last year was the one that got me started with tiny little 4" x 6" quilts - all the little face quilts that I have made.  The theme for this one was Spring - so I made flowers instead.  And I had a lot of fun beading the flowers.

I like the small regional SAQA group that I belong to because they keep coming up with new things that make my little brain rev up into creative overdrive - and joyous little creations happen.  Great fun.