Sunday, February 17, 2013

Finished Projects!

On Saturday I taught another Art Quilting class at Sew Unique.  We turned soy silk fiber into Silk Paper and learned different ways to incorporate the finished product into art quilts - and other things.  Great fun.

A couple of folks in the class had been to the January class - and brought their completed projects to share.  It really does my heart good to see projects that have actually been completed.

I see myself as a Technique Teacher so it isn't vital to complete a project, but it makes me so happy when someone does!

Anyway - these are photos of three of the completed Whimsical Faces quilts.

This first one (pink face) has feathers for the hair (hat?) and lovely beading.  And great earrings.

The second one (orange face) has a great little bird on its head - and a 3D butterfly on the shoulder.  Also some great earrings.

 And this last one (blue green face) has an excellent hat with great beaded accents. Once again nifty earrings.  We DO like our earrings!!

Be sure to click on each picture so you can see the details.

Can't wait to see projects from the next couple of classes......


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creek Art Party

It is SO much fun to have neighbors who are also daring and inventive artists!  Where I live in the remote Ozark hills, some of my neighbors aren't living here permanently - YET!  But when they ARE here and we get together we have fun.

So we got together at Julie's beautiful home and we made whimsical fused art quilts.  This is a picture of the quilts that the three talented ladies created.  And all I had to do was bring my "stuff" and show up!  How excellent!

Even better, I get to quilt and embellish their projects.  They look great now - but will look even better when they are all finished.  I will post photos of the finished pieces - as soon as I finish them.  Hmmmm - I wonder if feathers and glitter would be TOO much? 

Friday, February 1, 2013


Can you believe MORE tiny quilts?  This time made with paper! 

I saw an article about cutting strips of different papers and then sewing them together and then sewing a grid perpendicular to the sewing lines.... and THEN cutting shapes out of the new paper that you have created.  Whew!  Harder to say than it is to do.

Anyway.  Our regional SAQA group has a Valentine Challenge - we need to create a Valentine to swap.  I had NO idea what to do.  Until I started cutting shapes from the paper I created.  And voila!  A Valentine Girl.

So, of course, with my recent focus on creating a series - I made some more.  Great fun.  And each one is a little quilt made from paper instead of cloth - but a quilt nonetheless.     barbara

More Tiny Quilts

 So what is is about working on tiny little quilts that intrigues me so much?  These little guys are part of my series of 4" x 6" quilts.

Part of the attraction is probably just the fact that I can finish them easily and quickly.

But it is more than that.  I am fascinated (I know - that is a pretty powerful word) by the fact that each of the little faces turns out completely different even though I use the same exact guidelines for putting them together.

So maybe part of the attraction is actually working on a SERIES.  And seeing what occurs.

This little guy looks sort of sad - even though he has a crown.  I think it is his mouth - and his eyes.  Hmmm.  

And this little guy looks sort of sleepy but contented.  Relaxed. 

I am going to change colors when I do the next group.  Maybe blues and greens.  And purples. 

I am enjoying giving these little quilts to people I know.  Especially when they are folks who support my efforts in quilting and art.  Where would I be without them?  I am SO lucky to have so many people to encourage me.

More soon.....  barbara

Fun with Divas!

Getting together with new friends and creating ART!  What could possibly be more fun that that?

I went to my friend Helen's house a few days ago and she let me PLAY with her friends who were visiting.  I am sure that you can tell from the picture that we had a good time.

I continue to be dazzled by the wonderful creativity that emerges when you have a stack of cool "stuff" to work with.  barbara