Sunday, February 26, 2012

Painting is Done!

So I finished painting the foreground and the road and the sky.  And I mostly like the way it looks.  I learned MANY valuable lessons - like it is HARD to paint over opaque paint (as in highlights) with transparent paints.  But it is what it is and the next step is to quilt this little bugger and get it done!  And to try this technique on one of my own designs.  Then we will see if I really learned what I was supposed to.    barbara

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Mountains are Taking Shape

Well check this out!  The paint is really working to give the mountains some shape!  I still need to add the highlights with some lighter color but it is starting to work. 
The next step after I finish the mountains is to use shading on the foreground and road to help focus on the place where the road meets the mountain.  I have watched the video and it is amazing to see the difference.
One of the problems that I have encountered is that I don't have the right color paint to start with and have been trying valiantly to make my own correct color - but I am still such a novice at mixing colors that I am struggling.  BUT the additional color is ordered and will be here soon.  VERY hard to wait!!      barbara

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Practicing a new skill

This is the next piece that I will use to practice my painting on fabric.  The design of this small quilt is provided by the class from Craftsy.  You will note that the hills and sky look very flat - but the painting should make them look like real hills. 
I am hoping that I can use these same techniques to create shape on the next portrait quilt that I make.  My goal is to have the faces look rounded instead of flat..... we will see if it works. 
One thing that I have definitely learned while selecting fabrics for this new painting technique is that I do not own very many light colored fabrics - I own mostly dark fabrics.  Maybe this is a good excuse to go BUY MORE fabric....hmmmm....
I will post a photo of the finished quilt soon....  barbara

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lesson Learned????

I don't know how many times I have refused to do commission work.  Many years ago, I was burned by doing a commission so I always say no.  Well, I have until I was asked by a good friend to do a barter with her.  Somehow it didn't sound like a commission so I asked her to tell me what she wanted.  That was my first mistake!!

Here is the list of requests.  All white, dimentional, organic, no straight edges.  That was only part of the requests and to top it off, she isn't a quilter.

After many sketches, several samples and much sweat, this is what I finally created.  She loves it and I am trying to remember that "I DON'T DO COMMISSIONS". Jan

Ten Techniques, One Creation

I love to teach techniques and this one is packed.  It will be the class for next year at the Quilt Retreat at the Folk Center.  If you are interested in this class, check the Ozark Folk Center website later to get all the details.  There are also other classes in quilting being taught at the same time. Jan

I'm Back

It has been ages since I have posted but that doesn't mean that I haven't been creating.  In fact, I have been very busy so maybe I can use that as an excuse.

The first pix is of the class that I am teaching this week at the Ozark Folk Center for the Quilt Retreat.  I have been teaching there for several years and it is a lot of fun.

This wallhanging is hard to describe until you look at the photo and then it is easier to understand how it was done.

The center is whole cloth from a selected part of a Batik print.  I start by staring at the fabric sort of like I use to look at clouds when I was young.  I am looking for organic shapes that can be highlighted with thread and paint.  It is heavily quilted around the images to highlight them.  Lots of fun without any rules.  My favorite way to create. Jan

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Houses - Little Houses

Front of Green House
My small Art Quilting group (The Renegades) enjoys working on one or two group projects each year.  This year we are making small quilted houses.  We were inspired by a group of houses that were on exhibit at the Houston Show this past fall. 
Close up of door to Green House
Making a quilted house is an interesting challenge.  My initial attempt is just to learn the techniques for making walls that are strong enough to stand up and to figure out the best way to connect the walls and the roof. 
Back of Green House
I had a lot of fun.  I used scraps from the little bucket-o'-scraps that sits next to my design table and fused those onto a stiff interfacing (sadly I have NO idea what type of interfacing it was) and then quilted it.  I sewed the walls together with a whip stitch and embroidery floss. 
I think it looks OK for a first try - but what I REALLY want to do is make a strange and mysterious and funky house..... Now THAT will be fun!!!!       barbara

Learning to Paint on Fabric

OK.  I must admit that I have been painting on fabric for quilts for years.  But basically I just slopped the paint on using a dry brush technique - and it turned out great.  BUT I admit that I never really knew what the heck I was doing.  I had certainly never learned how to take care of brushes properly or how to mix colors and layer them to really create depth.

Sooooo - I am taking an online class from Craftsy.  I really like their classes and I am learning SO much.  The first project was a calla lily and I have struggled mightily to learn how to make paint look blended on the fabric - but I am pleased with this as an initial attempt.  And I don't feel like QUITE as much of a klutz now. 

The first photo is what it looked like with NO paint, the second is after the leaf was painted the first time ( I added some additional paint later) and the third is with all of the painting done.  I still need to quilt it and will post that photo soon.      barbara