Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Collage Face Quilt

(This note added on Oct 2)  I finally thought of a name for this lovely lady:  Alyssa.  Named after my nephew's beautiful wife.  They have moved many many times in the past year and I am certain that she has a lot of houses and house ideas floating around in her head.

Here she is - and I really like the way that she turned out.  No name yet - but I am sure that will come as I live with this quilt.
One of the things that I noticed as I looked at the photo of the completed quilt is that the dark areas of the face definitely stand out in comparison to the other areas.   This was my first try with this technique and I think that next time I will try to use this contrast a bit more consciously to add structure.  I'm considering using all black and white fabrics and the same pattern to see how it works.
I really enjoyed working on this one.  Partly because these are my favorite colors (which anyone following this blog probably already knows!).  But I also liked the whole random sort of approach to the construction of the face - and the fact that the face could be moved as a whole to different backgrounds. 
I do especially like the way it looks on the wonderful Sassaman fabric for a background.  I think I need to purchase some other colorways in this fabric.

Check out the beading on the eye - it really adds definition to the eye and makes it stand out from the face.

And the photo below shows the houses that ended up on top of her head.  I had originally planned to do some wonky hair - but the houses just sort of appeared as I fiddled with fabric.