Monday, June 4, 2012

Another New Adventure

 So I was thinking about expanding my list of Creative Adventures and went to a site I had not visited in a while -  Strathmore makes the MOST wonderful paper for projects - and they offer these free video tutorials.  The one that I was most interested in was by Traci Bautista.  I LOVE her work.  Anyway - it is all about doodling in layers with paints etc. 
So here is my initial attempt.

 The first photo is stenciling with sprays.  It looked pretty good until I tried to add the second layer (to the right).  Then it turned all muddy and smeared and yucky.  Because I had made a mistake in the initial layer and used water soluble sprays.  A great learning experience (OK I was actually VERY frustrated).  So I put that aside and tried a second piece which you can see in the next post.

But later I came back to the initial muddy piece and added some more detail with paints and markers and stuff.... and I actually sort of like it.
I am always amused when I try something, have a failure (in my mind a DISASTER because I am OH so dramatic!!), and then am able to make it better.  Good to remember.

Check out the next post and you will see a much different look.   barbara

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