Monday, June 4, 2012

More Doodling with Traci

 So here is my second attempt at this technique.  Stencils were sprayed with a mixture of acrylic paint and water - yes this IS permanent (as opposed to.... well, if you read my last post you will know....).
As I play with this technique I am starting to become fond of certain items to use as stencils - like feathers and rubberbands.
 At this point I have added a lot of colorful circles with acrylic paint and then painted the background with a glaze (acrylic and lots of water) to unify the piece.
In this one I have added more color and some detail with oil pastels.  Great color but nasty to use markers over (later).  Not really totally convinced that the oil pastel idea is the greatest.  What if I used Inktense?  Would I be able to use paint over that without making it smear?  I will experiment and post the results.
 At this point I have added waterproof India Ink.  Sadly I did not have black - only brown.  NOT as good looking but....this is just an experiment.  I will order some black.  I used the tiniest brush that I own  and will need to practice mark making a lot to get the technique more precise.  But I do like the way that it adds depth to the piece.
This is the finished piece.  I like it.  It looks sort of like the garden of a crazy person. 

It was really fun to do this.  I felt like an absolute klutz because I don't "play" with paintbrushes.  It was actually really challenging to let go of my NEED to have a precise controlled end product. 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Traci as a teacher in the videos.  If I had tried to learn this from a book, I don't think that I would have completed the project.  barbara

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