Monday, June 25, 2012

Collage Face - Just a Start

A new technique - how fun!  It is HOT here.  103 degrees today!  A very good day to stay inside and play.  So I watched the All About Faces DVD by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  She is a great teacher and it is no surprise that I like to learn more about making faces.

One of the techniques that she shares is to draw a general face shape on paper and then use a casual chop and layer and stick-together-with-glue technique for making a free standing (well free laying would be more precise) face that you can lift up and place onto another piece of fabric.

Being the good little quilter that I am, I have several large containers of scraps.  MUCH too valuable to throw away - but not big enough to leave with my other fabric.  Wisely (and frankly amazingly) I had sorted the scraps into color batches last year.  So they were easy to work with.

You just sort of start at the top of the head and cut out chunks and use any glue applied with a  toothpick to stick the pieces together and - voila! - you make a face!  I really like it so far and I now have two things to consider.  When I posted this photo of the face I realized that the eyes were definitely different sizes.  Does that bother me?  A little.  Do I want to "fix" it?  Maybe.  Not sure yet.....

The second consideration is what else to surround this face with - I am thinking some flower petal shapes so it looks like the face sort of Grew in a Garden......  Oh.  I  just noticed that the ears are quite different in size too.  Maybe that balances the eyes..... Hmmm.....  I will leave you to wonder with me until I work on this some more.      barbara

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