Thursday, June 14, 2012

Prayer Flags for Our Yard

 I have a lot of beautiful fabric.  OK not as much as most quilters because I make wall quilts that don't require nearly as much as bed quilts.  But still.... a LOT of fabric. 
Our Renegade group was talking about Prayer Flags and the whole idea of sending beautiful feelings and thoughts and prayers out into the world by making flags that blow in the wind and slowly disintegrate over time appealed to me.  I had made a couple of tiny ones - but decided to make some large and very colorful ones to decorate and energize our yard.

Anyone who has visited our home knows that we live in the middle of the woods - so I hung the flags (each on 18" x 36") from the trees. 
I am totally enjoying using my beautiful fabric this way.  And I am especially liking surrounding our home with wonderful energy.    barbara

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