Thursday, June 7, 2012

Faces with Traci

 This is the next stage of the projects on the Strathmore site.  The initial stage involves writing large flowing words in several colors on the blank page, then covering them up (mostly) with paint.  Then rubbing paint thru objects (in this case sequin waste) while the paint is still wet to allow the colors to mix.  Then stamping with handmade stamps and other items to add shapes.
 Next steps include blocking in the face shape with gesso mixed with paint.  This of course blocks out the background.  Sort of cool.

Then adding collaged shapes that you drew separately on newsprint and cut out - to give you some structured shapes to paint on later.

This is the part where I get concerned about how on earth this is going to turn into something "good". 
 You can see the beginning of features (hair and one eye and lips) and the initial stage of the headdress.  The collages shapes have the first layer of paint.
The finished piece.  Note the additional painted details and added color on the face.

OK.  So here is what I think of the whole project:
VERY fun and very enjoyable.  For this first attempt I basically followed what Traci gave as a path.  But I discovered that I like MY faces and figures a whole lot more.

So I am really looking forward to the next several of these paintings that are MY creations.  Which is, of course, exactly what Traci would advise.

I do like the colorful headdress and flowers and the intense amount of details in this part of the project.  Normally I wouldn't have selected such a variety of color - but it does make it a lot more interesting.

I have learned that I am MUCH more comfortable using pens and markers to draw with rather than paintbrushes - but learning to use new tools is part of the adventure!    It was a GREAT CLASS.  I wonder what on-line class I will take next?  barbara

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