Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer is soooo busy.....

Renegadeville Sign
One of the joys of the HOT HOT summers in Arkansas, is the fact that I do NOT feel guilty for staying indoors and quilting.  I don't feel guilty about avoiding the intense heat and humidity and I really enjoy my studio time.

So this summer I have been working on completing a List of Things that MUST Get Done.  Soon.  Because I have deadlines.

Among those things was a poster for Renegadeville.  That is the project of little quilted houses that will be on display at the HnH Quilt Show in October.  I agreed to make a poster explaining the project.  Huh.  What was I thinking????

Anyway - - I had a vision for the poster.  A house with each Renegade looking out of windows in the house using little photos of the artists and little dresses for each and little arms and hands pointing to a photo of the house that they created.  Uh huh.  As I started on the poster I realized that my "vision" was not going to be attractive or visually enjoyable to look at - it was going to be confusing and sort of ugly.  The arms would take up much to much space and would distract from the finished look.

Text at top of sign
So I completely changed course.  The house itself is quilted scrapbook paper (to go with the theme of a quilt show!) and there are no little weird arms pointing from each artist to each little house.  It is a very much simplified design - and, I think, much more successful.

One of the amazing discoveries during this painful process was using Scor tape to attach all of the bits of this and that to make the poster.  SOOOO much easier and more effective than glue.  Love the stuff!  Thanks Jan!

Detail - each artist is next to a photo of her house
So check out the picture of the poster and let me know what you think.  And it will be at the quilt show in October so you can see the real thing.               barbara

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