Monday, July 8, 2013

Teaching a Little Class at HnH

Many months ago when July seemed like FOREVER away, I was asked to teach a little mini class at the July HnH meeting - a Christmas project.  No problem I thought.  Until about June 1.  Then I started trying to think of something that I could demo to folks walking from station to station - and here is the CHALLENGE - NOT use any pins or needles in the demo.

NO pins or needles of any kind are allowed in the room that we rent for the meetings.  So that limited what I could do in my demo.  A lot.  So I am showing the process for making the Little Face Tiny Quilts (4" x 6") staring off with gluing scraps.

I am really excited because I think this will be different than the other projects - much less traditional.  And you know that I like to be a little bit funky and different, right?

The poster showing how the little faces are born..... step by step

So I made a really neat poster with samples of all the steps - and then had to find a way to attach the samples to the poster board and not make them permanent - because I could finish them into little quilts - right?  Hmmmm... An additional and unexpected challenge.  Once again sticky and not-so-sticky tape was the answer.  Blue painters tape on the back of the samples with Scor tape on the blue tape attaching the sample to the poster.......  Too much information???  Just know that it did work.

And these are the new little faces that I made as samples.......  I continue to be amazed at how a simple pattern can have such variation in the finished design.   

I will report back in after the meeting Friday to let you know if the demo worked.....  barbara

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