Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little Faces Class a Success

Well it was a success - the mini-class that I taught at Hill 'n Hollow.  At least it felt like a success from the response of the ladies who came by my table to see what I was doing.  Lots of questions and lots of exclamations of appreciation for the little faces.  And I had fun.
They asked if I would do a class for HnH - but I think this would probably conflict with my Art Quilting classes at Sew Unique.

Speaking of classes at Sew Unique - the June and July classes both cancelled because not enough people signed up.  The June class was going to be about making paper and fabric beads.  Here is a photo of some of the samples.

And the July class was all about how to use Paint on fabric to enhance the design.  Not to paint the entire design - but just how to use a whole bunch of different products on both paper and fabric.  The
gals would leave with a sampler of how the various products would work with and without water and all that sort of thing.  This is what the Sampler would have looked like.

We are going to reschedule both classes for some time later in the year - or early next year.  I think the problem with trying to teach a class in the Summer is that folks travel and have company - and are just too busy.

So - we also cancelled my August class which was going to be all about Beading on Fabric.  I can't post a photo because I haven't made the sampler yet.  I will post it soon.

I am disappointed that the classes didn't make it - but just think - - now I have several classes all ready to go when the Time Is Right!  That will be great.


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