Monday, July 8, 2013

Aprons for the Show

Another Summer project to complete before the August deadline was an apron.  The Renegades were sponsoring and leading an effort for HnH members to make aprons for the October quilt show to be displayed at the show and then donated to the local Food Room to be auctioned off at a later date.

I made one apron out of fabric and it was .... fine.  But it didn't make me feel all sparkly and creative.  I wanted to make something weird and different and - - well - - artsy.  Yeah.  Artsy!

 This is a photo of my Culinary Mystery Apron on a dress form (that I just HAPPENED to have - of course I did!).  Detailed photos are shown below.

So I found this idea for using paper and paint and all sorts of layers to make an Art Apron.  But then I needed a Theme.  Hmmmm.  Well I love to read mystery books that also include cooking and
recipes.  They are usually somewhat more light-hearted mysteries.  One of my favorite Culinary Mystery writers is Diane Mott Davidson.

So.  How could I make an apron about Culinary Mysteries using this new technique?  I printed copies of recipes from my cookbooks on paper and used the copies to make the background for the Paper Fabric that the apron would be made of.  Then I made paper copies in color of covers of Culinary Mystery books.  With nifty titles like "Crepes of Wrath" and "Killer Pancakes".  Great fun.

After many layers of paint and glue and spray on stuff - the Paper Fabric was done and ready to make into an apron.  Cool.  No problem to cut it into shape and layer batting and backing - and WHAT???  After I made the petal shapes I had to TURN the piece right side out?  But it is made of layers of paper?????  YIKES!  That part was really scary - worried that the whole thing would rip and be destroyed.

But magically it all held together and the quilting added a nice finish and I love the apron.  And yes - - it is very artsy!             Success!          barbara

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