Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Learning to Paint on Fabric

OK.  I must admit that I have been painting on fabric for quilts for years.  But basically I just slopped the paint on using a dry brush technique - and it turned out great.  BUT I admit that I never really knew what the heck I was doing.  I had certainly never learned how to take care of brushes properly or how to mix colors and layer them to really create depth.

Sooooo - I am taking an online class from Craftsy.  I really like their classes and I am learning SO much.  The first project was a calla lily and I have struggled mightily to learn how to make paint look blended on the fabric - but I am pleased with this as an initial attempt.  And I don't feel like QUITE as much of a klutz now. 

The first photo is what it looked like with NO paint, the second is after the leaf was painted the first time ( I added some additional paint later) and the third is with all of the painting done.  I still need to quilt it and will post that photo soon.      barbara

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  1. OMG That is the most beautiful thing I have seen in ages. You are really getting to be an artist and not just a fiber artist. Love ya Jan