Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Houses - Little Houses

Front of Green House
My small Art Quilting group (The Renegades) enjoys working on one or two group projects each year.  This year we are making small quilted houses.  We were inspired by a group of houses that were on exhibit at the Houston Show this past fall. 
Close up of door to Green House
Making a quilted house is an interesting challenge.  My initial attempt is just to learn the techniques for making walls that are strong enough to stand up and to figure out the best way to connect the walls and the roof. 
Back of Green House
I had a lot of fun.  I used scraps from the little bucket-o'-scraps that sits next to my design table and fused those onto a stiff interfacing (sadly I have NO idea what type of interfacing it was) and then quilted it.  I sewed the walls together with a whip stitch and embroidery floss. 
I think it looks OK for a first try - but what I REALLY want to do is make a strange and mysterious and funky house..... Now THAT will be fun!!!!       barbara

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