Sunday, October 24, 2010

Building Challenges

I guess I am more successful with drawing characters than I am drawing buildings - even imaginary Seussical buildings.  Ah well.  But in spite of feeling inept at my Seussical experience - I did learn a lot.  About windows and shadows and such - and especially about HOW to add such things to a quilt.
The way the I accomplished the shading or side view of the curvy pink structure was to first fuse the pink shape (no holes yet) on top of a larger piece of blue fabric.  Then I cut out the blue shape to echo the pink shape.  So far so good!
Undulating Pink Quilt 15" x 21"
Then came the holes (or windows).  I cut holes thru the two layers of fabric already fused together with a tiny very sharp scissors.  And cut small slivers of blue that I carefully laid under each window and fused in place on my teflon sheet.  Then I added small scraps of gold to fill in the windows - and fused again.
You can imagine that the final pink, blue, gold contraption was somewhat thick by now.  But - on the positive side - it really did look like dimensional holes in the structure!  So that made me happy!
But here is the finished quilt - not my favorite but that's OK. 

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