Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Muse has been on vacation

With all that has been going on in my life, my inspiration has been to survive.  I haven't had time to be creative and I have felt dry.  Sort of like all the leaves that have fallen all around me.  I felt that I needed to make a thank you gift for the doctor and his wife.  This always inspires me to be creative and it changes my mind set in a positive way.  My Muse had no choice but to return.  Sometimes I have to threaten her with failure to get her to participate.  I need to remember this lesson since there is always someone in my life that needs a boost or a smile.  Lesson of the day: when inspiration takes a vaction, create something for someone else.  I will post the process and finished item when it is finished.  Jan
I always try to attempt something new with each new project.  This time I wondered what would happen if I fused sparkly organza to the top of the mugs, would they look like glass.  It made it look more clear but then I quilted it and the effect is barely visable.  In order to make the same fabric look different, I used bleach, Shiva paint sticks and Tsukineko ink.  
I am finished and ready to present "It's Still Life" to the Dr. and his wife on Thursday.  If they don't like it I hope that they will keep that a secret.

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