Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trunk Show for Piecemakers

I had the most amazing experience on October 20.  For the very first time in my life, I presented a Trunk Show telling about my Quilting Journey to a group of quilters in Clinton, AR.  I have never done anything like this before and getting ready for this presentation was a revelation for me.  I had to view my quilting journey and for the first time realized all of the very specific times and events that sent me in new directions.  Almost like a map of my blossoming as an Art Quilter.
I was nervous when I arrived at the meeting.  You see, I am a very very shy person!  I hide it well - but talking in front of groups makes me shake and shiver!  But as I sat watching and listening to this group of ladies who had so generously invited me to share my journey - I was quite charmed.  I have never seen such a happy group.  There was much laughter and joking in their business meeting - and then it was time for me to show them my quilts.  They were most gracious and accepting as I shared my story and got to show off my quilts.  What PURE JOY for a quilter!
Because my current path is so whimsical, I am posting a few photos of portrait quilts that I used to do - and intend to do again - just so the readers of this blog get to know me better.  I am going to be teaching a week long class at Arkansas Craft School in Mountain View next August called "Contemporary Quilting - Portrait Quilts".  It will include both whimsical Crazy Faces and more serious Portrait Quilts.  I will post photos as I work on the samples.

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