Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zoltan Gets a Present

Zoltan scan 4" x 6"
Zoltan Gets a Present quilt 13" x 15"
I just finished another quilt inspired by a scribble drawing.  After I made a bunch of these little drawings, I put them all on my design board - and then picked the ones that made me smile.  I thought this little guy was sweet and charming (OK he is sort of weird looking too but that's OK). 

Once I started the quilt I was stumped by the fact that the original drawing had just a squiggly line in his hand.  I almost gave him a butterfly - but that didn't seem to fit his personality.  I think he looks like he is anticipating a wonderful surprise once he opens his present.

The first draft of this quilt had completely different colors and was SO ugly I was just really depressed and left it sitting on the table overnight.  It was even uglier in the morning.  So I started over and really like the colors.  The rust colored border between the yellow and green was an afterthought - but I think it adds to the "portrait" quality of the quilt.

Now - which little creature should I work on next????         Barbara

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