Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alice Has Something to Say!

4" x 6" scan of Alice
The cooler weather has me all energized and ready to go!  I just returned from a wonderful week of hiking and kayaking in Southern Illinois and today got to work on finishing my newest quilt.  Actually I started it before we left - and truth be told, it was hard to leave the quilt unfinished.  So I got right back to work when we got home. 
17" x 24" Alice Has Something to Say quilt
This is another one of my "scribble" drawings and I really enjoyed the design and watching her come to life.  AND I got to practice my machine quilting technique.  I can really tell that I just need a few hundred more hours to become more smooth in my hand motions..... uh huh!  But very very slowly it is getting less stressful and more fun.   Barbara

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