Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crazy Days and New Projects

7 1/2" x 5" scan of Norman drawing
What a weird couple of days.  On Monday I sliced my thumb open while changing my rotary cutter blade and required four stitches at the emergency room.  Yes I was being VERY careful and I still have no idea how it happened.  I actually think I am very lucky it wasn't even worse.  AND I have a whole new appreciation for thumbs.  I had to literally sit for two days and do nothing that required my hands - and nearly went bonkers!  It made me realize how much my quilting lends calm and balance to my life.
But enough of "poor me".  I am now back working - VERY carefully - and have focused on a new drawing exercise as a quilt.  In this exercise you paint blobs of watercolor (red, blue and yellow) on a small piece of watercolor paper and, after it is dry, look at the intersections of color and find the shape of an animal.  Some of my animals weren't too interesting - but I really like this one.  His name is Norman.  The quilt should be finished in a day or two.  Barbara

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