Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Too many ideas - how to choose?

Drawings using watercolor blobs as inspiration
Finding an idea for my next quilt has rarely been my problem.  I always have a list of ideas to try or new techniques to experiment with - the problem is narrowing down my list and PICKING just one.  And the drawings that I am creating from this new book are a perfect example.  This first picture is more of the watercolor technique.  I like them all but some more than others.... I think what draws me to certain ones is that they have a personality to them.

Drawings using Picasso technique and scribbles
 The second picture is a bunch of drawings from the Picasso technique and also some from another new technique where you just start with a scribble and then see what it becomes.  Truthfully a lot of those end up in the wastebasket because they don't turn into anything but scribbles!  But I really like some of them.  You can tell the Picasso ones from the scribbles because the Picasso ones have different sized eyes.    Barbara

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