Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally Finished - Green Man

So he is finally all quilted and bound and ready to go.  Not that he is really GOING anywhere in particular.

I am pleased with the way he looks.  And I am still trying to think of a real name for the quilt.  Green Man seems sort of ..... dorky.  The Red Man quilt ended up being Consternation.

 Maybe this fellow should be Apprehension..... or Suspicion....or....
I guess I will know when I come up with the right name.

One of the big questions with this style of quilting is always how much quilting is needed.  The individual pieces are fused and need no stitching to hold the edges in place.  This makes Quilt Police really really nervous!  But since they are always confused by my work anyway - what do I care?

 I tried a slightly different method of binding and I like it.  Very simple.  Just attach the binding and turn to the back.  I think a border would have been way too much for this guy.

This is a detail photo of the quilting.  I used  two different colors of  variegated thread and wavy lines to give the impression of energy or intensity vibrating the air around him.  I did incorporate the suggestion of the wonderful artist/judge at the Little Rock show who suggested using a color of thread that picked up the color of the quilted portion.  I really like the effect.

Should I do another portrait next - or something completely different - like a plant.....   hmmmmm.....       barbara

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  1. I really like this green guy. What do you think is going thru his head? I think I'd like to know him and what's gone on in his life.