Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Green Man

Are you getting tired of seeing photos of the same darn quilt?  This is turning into quite a project.  My friend Kedra recently made an interesting observation that reflects similar observations by my sweet husband and my brother Bob.  She said that my whimsical quilts (like the Farkleberry group) are amusement for me - fun to do.  But my portrait quilts are more serious projects that take a lot more work of an entirely different intensity - more Art than craft.  I agree.
And right now I am struggling with the Green Man - but starting to make progress.  Why are noses so darn HARD to do?  Is it because they stick out of your face?  I don't know - but I do know that they are always the most difficult part of the face in my portrait quilts.
Here is the latest photo of my progress.  Work is still needed on the gold part of the chin and around the nose - and I think that the mouth needs to stand out more.  As always I find value in taking a photo and sitting back to look at it......    barbara

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