Friday, May 25, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

Some days you just NEED to do something completely different.  I was thinking about circles - and I found this pretty fabric.  It wasn't cotton - but I really liked the colors of the fabric and the fact that it was shiny - probably some sort of polyester - maybe even from a blouse or skirt that I got at a garage sale.... who knows?

Anyway - I backed the shiny slippery fabric with a lightweight fusible and then with Wonder Under so I could fuse the circles in place.  After I cut out five circles I played with them for a while but the design was sort of predictable and boring.  So I started taking the leftover pieces and adding them to the design.  It took a lot of playing around - but I like the final design.

My favorite part is the fact that the colors shift whenever you move to a slightly different angle.  I used metallic thread for the quilting and, amazingly, it never once broke and made me mad.  And that is a miracle.  I did use those wonderful 90/14 titanium topstitch needles from Superior.

Once I was all done (including the turnover binding) it still didn't look complete so I added beads.  A lot of beads.  And little copper sequin circles.  Here is a detail.

 I enjoyed this detour from my normal projects.  Now I just need to figure out where I am going to hang this quilt... hmmmm.....     barbara

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