Sunday, June 26, 2011

Now Try Another Color

Before painting
I had finished the class project quilt but, quite honestly, I wasn't quite sure that I could do another one without the excellent advice of Teri.  Could I choose the right pieces of fabric to make it work?  Could I paint the right places in the right colors?  Sort of scary.....
In order to reduce the anxiety that I was feeling, I decided to use the same pattern that we had used in class.  Teri had made a pattern including all the value designations.  My good friend Jan (and fellow blogger on this site) had dyed some fabulous fabric for me to use in my experiment.  And it worked perfectly.
After painting
This one isn't quilted yet.  The pictures are before painting and after painting.  Amazing difference.  And I learned a whole lot by doing this on my own.  One of the things that I learned was how to use paint to draw the color from one piece of the fabric to the other so that the fabric choices for different values didn't stand out as glaringly different pieces - and were able to flow together visually.  At least I think that they do. Take note of the difference in the neck area between the before and after photos.   I am sure that my skills at this will increase as I practice.   barbara

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