Sunday, June 26, 2011

Class Project Quilt

Before painting - small photo is the inspiration
After we learned the basic technique, we spent two days selecting fabric for the portrait and piecing the fabric pieces together - well not actually "piecing".  They are fused with Misty Fuse and then fused to the background fabric.  Then we painted to add details, emphasize the shadows and highlights.  It is NOT easy.  In class Teri (that is what Esterita is called) helped each of us every step of the way  - which was critical to the learning process.
Since it was a three day class instead of a five day class, the pattern for the face was provided and this is the first one that I did.
After painting - note  the difference around the eyes and the chin
I chose one of my favorite fabrics - and it was horribly difficult to cut holes all over the place - but I like the finished piece.  I think it is dramatic.  The fabric that I selected made it more challenging to paint - but I think this helped me learn a lot.

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