Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gone a long time - but I am BACK!!

When I started this blog  I was committed to posting new information frequently.  And I did that for a while - but I haven't posted since March 7.  I admit that I have been a "bad" blogger.
Where was I, you might ask?  I was in a great big glurpy creative slump.  Gloppy and Gooey and Glumpy.  Is that enough "G" words?  Anyway I think part of it was that we had many visitors (and that was wonderful but disruptive to my normal schedule) and then it rained and rained and - well I think I got sort of depressed and funky.
But now I am back - and creating wonderful new quilts and ready to be a good blogger..... so .... here we go!     barbara

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