Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chicken with No Feathers - yet...

So here is what my chickenish critter looks like so far.  Very bright colors.  I usually don't use a dark color for the background and a lighter color for the character.... but I really wanted the main body to be yellow. 

As you can tell this little critter has not been quilted and looks rather blah in spite of the bright colors.  I almost always want to throw my quilts away at this stage - I lose hope for a short period of time but then almost always like them again once they are quilted.  Since I do all of the outline stitching and the quilting at the same time, before this is done it seems like there is just no real personality in the quilt. 

But I should be posting a new photo of this quilt soon - perhaps it will even include the feathers!  Does it look more like a chicken or a turkey?  Or maybe neither?  Just not sure yet.....   Barbara

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