Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crazy Feathers

I am ready to start my next quilt so I went to my stack of drawings that I have been using for inspiration these past few months and picked out this one - the wacky looking chickenish critter.  Once I pick a subject to use as inspiration, my next step is to make the pattern by tracing the drawing on a clear transparency and then using my scanner/copier to enlarge that outline drawing to "fit the page".
For this particular quilt, I had no fabric chosen to inspire the rest of the colors - but I did have this really great bunch of feathers with ridiculous colors and patterns.  I pick up things like this whenever I see them even though it might take a year to work its way into a project.  But aren't these crazy feathers fun?  I can't wait to get into my studio to start......    Barbara

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