Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughts on 100 Day Project

No photos in this post.  Just thoughts.

Tackling a project for 100 days is a significant commitment.  I think the important thing is to select something that has room for a lot of experimentation.  And Paper Collage certainly has given me room to grow.

What have I learned?  A million different things.  But the most important is that having ART in my every day life is really good for me.  As a person and as an artist.  It makes me happy.  It fills my time with wonderful ideas and creativity and having that time filled instead of empty makes me happier.  I don't have room for political and grumpy clutter thinking.

And I am learning things that are going to make me a better artist.  For sure.  About faces and color and balance - room to experiment has given me time to make mistakes and to learn from those mistakes.  Much better than learning from a book.  Or should I say trying to learn from a book.  Real hands-on learning is totally different.

So.  I am happy that I started this project.  I will continue to the end.  And I may even do another one - with a new focus.   Hmmmmm..... something to think about.            barbara

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