Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Creek Lady Parties!!

(You may be wondering what I have been doing the past month or so - well I had a project.  To complete a dozen beautiful little quilts.  Here is the story......)

So what the heck does "creek ladies" imply?  Women who muck about in the creek?  NO!  Wonderful Creative Ladies who get together and Create Art!  In a house that just happens to be on Mill Creek --- which is very near to Piney Creek --- which is where I live.

So these ladies - some who I knew and some who were new to me - got together on July 13 for the pure and lovely purpose of making ART.  I brought the supplies, they provided the space and the food and the wine.... and we had a great time.

The focus of our activity was to make some lovely little fused faces.  And I was dazzled at the results.  I agreed to take the basic little fused faces and make them into finished quilts.

Well - little did I know how challenging and interesting that would be.  Several of the designs requested hats that completely ignored all common sense and poofed out above the binding.  Other hats demanded to be puffed up into three dimensional shapes.  Some of the hair was not content to stay flat - no!  it needed to be dimensional!  And of course there were the little bows that had to drift off the lower border of the quilts.

SOOO - I learned a LOT of new things.  And enjoyed every minute.  Here are the dozen beautiful creations of the Creek Ladies.   I am one LUCKY artist to get to work with these creative and fun ladies......     barbara

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