Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is a CLEAN studio really important?

A good question to ask every couple of years.  For the past couple of weeks I have been cleaning  my studio.  Going through every single box and drawer and actually considering whether or not I should keep things.  I hadn't used some of them in several years - but would I maybe NEED them someday?

OK.  Too be truthful..... I had a hard time doing this.  If I spent real money on a "thing", I was hesitant to give it away or throw it away.  Just because I didn't even remember ever buying it was no reason to get rid of it - - - was it?  Well finally common sense (and perhaps a sense of needing more space) got the better of me - and I packed up a lot of things to give away.  Wonderful supplies NEED a better life than to be tucked in a box somewhere.  They NEEDED to be used....  Uh huh.

Harder than I thought.  And a lot dustier too!  Could you hear my sneezes????

But I am almost done.  And I only LOST a couple of really good UHU glue sticks - I know that I bought them - - I remember seeing them - - WHERE did I put them???  I guess I will have to be surprised when they suddenly pop up......

AND - here is the exciting news.  I found some drawings for more Farkleberry critters.  I had completely forgotten them.  I think they may need to become quilts.... What do you think?   barbara

obviously this little guy needs to be turned..... but isn't he cute?

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