Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Started Again

Is there such a thing as TOO clean and organized?  Nope.  At least I didn't think so until my studio was super duper clean.  And then I went in to try to create something in this lovely CLEAN space - and found myself stumped.  Could NOT find my muse anywhere - maybe I swept her out when I was cleaning????  Oh no!!!!

But - I went to my fail safe fallback project that always works.  I made a new group of tiny faces - all 4" x 6" and all complete little quilts.  Here are the pictures....

I like the hat on this one.  Lots of patterns but they work together nicely.

And I really like the hat on this one - can you see that it says "shoes"?  Lots of sparkles too....

More little ones.  Can you tell that I was working from the same stack of fabric?  All pinks....  That way I can just keep working and not have to put stuff away.  And I can use the same thread over and over.  But the backgrounds are all different because they seemed to NEED different things....

OK.  This poor little guy.  He is sadly a failure.
Oh my.  TOO many different patterns.  Looks crazy and you cannot really see his facial features.

But he is very important to me - because when I teach a class he is an excellent example of what NOT to do.  So he will actually stay with me a lot longer than the other little faces.

I guess he needs a name....

Ahhhhh  --- feels SO good to not be stuck anymore.


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