Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creek Art Party

It is SO much fun to have neighbors who are also daring and inventive artists!  Where I live in the remote Ozark hills, some of my neighbors aren't living here permanently - YET!  But when they ARE here and we get together we have fun.

So we got together at Julie's beautiful home and we made whimsical fused art quilts.  This is a picture of the quilts that the three talented ladies created.  And all I had to do was bring my "stuff" and show up!  How excellent!

Even better, I get to quilt and embellish their projects.  They look great now - but will look even better when they are all finished.  I will post photos of the finished pieces - as soon as I finish them.  Hmmmm - I wonder if feathers and glitter would be TOO much? 

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