Friday, April 20, 2012

Tea Bag Quilt Panel

I have a stack of tea bags of various types that I collected some time ago.  I did make one really lovely little quilt with tea bags that had little drawings on them.  But I hadn't done much with them lately.
Then I saw something on one of the emails that I get from various magazines - how to make a little panel of quilted squares.  So I made one - and enjoyed the process.
It involves stenciling a design with acrylic paint on a tea bag, then outlining the design with white paint, then attaching and quilting the tea bag to muslin and attaching it to a layered square of colored fabric and felt.
The three little squares are then attached together and dyed scrim is attached between them, stitched, and beaded.  Little beads are attached to the bottom.
                                               Here is a detail photo....

I enjoyed the process but I think I will get some better stencils with small designs.  This was the smallest stencil design that I have on hand.  I would also like to try some more abstract designs and possibly a nine square design.  But it was fun!  barbara

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  1. Just saw you idea was just highlighted and linked on the Landauer Publishing blog. As a tea drinker this is a wonderful creative opportunity. Have to try this one day!