Monday, July 11, 2011

Five Heads are Better than One

Inspiration comes from many different places.  A store in town was having a going out of business sale and selling lots of clothes - but I also found some styrofoam heads in a corner.  I knew that my friend Kay was looking for heads for a display and talk that she was doing about bonnets - so I got three for her.  And as I was gathering them together I started to think about what fun I might have covering the heads with paper or fabric or who knows what.  So I got three for myself. 

Then when I got them home, they looked so interesting when they were grouped together that I took their picture.  I am thinking of other places to pose them.... hmmmm..... not sure where yet.  I am thinking that maybe after I cover them I will add wild and crazy decorations sticking out of the tops - that could be quite interesting.  I will post some pictures if I actually DO it instead of just THINKING about it.      barbara

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