Monday, February 21, 2011

Postcards to Get Me Going

Even after working on the Art Journal, I still felt stuck in a creative canyon.  Or a lack of creative canyon.  I was sort of half heartedly working in my studio but not accomplishing much.  Is "accomplishing something" one of the boxes that I stick myself into? Maybe.  But anyway - I was wanting to do something different and not quite sure what that meant.  My solution when I get in this situation is to make quilted postcards.

The postcards are made with paper, are regulation size 4" x 6", can definitely be mailed successfully, and are quilted.  First I choose a little picture of some sort and then some words and shapes and glue them to an index card.  Then I add another index card on the back and quilt through the two layers to secure the edges of the glued objects.  Then I add another index card and a backing printed card with postcard information and sew around the edges.  A tiny little one-of-a-kind quilt!  Made of paper!  Very fun.

These cards are still at the glue stage with no stitching but I thought it might be fun to look at them.  They are mostly silly and rarely make any logical sense.   Hope you enjoy them!       Barbara

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