Monday, February 21, 2011

Am I in a Box and Two Ghostly Gals Journal Page

As you look at my work you may notice a certain tendency to use my favorite colors (like purples and blues and greens) and avoid other colors (like red and yellow).  That is because I am SO much more comfortable with those colors and SO challenged by the others.  So I decided that an art journal should require not just comfort but challenge.  So take a look at this page!

The critter on the right is the same design I used for the Everybody Counts! quilt.  She is sort of trapped in a box.  I think that my thoughts on this page will focus on whether I sometimes feel caught in a box - and whether this box is one that someone else is squishing me into or whether it is of my own making.  I am quite amused by the various thoughts that this journal is already starting to generate - even before I start writing.

The Gals on the left side came into being because I used a credit card to paint this page and it left some great white blobs of paint - and I decided to give those blobs some personality.  I really really like them a lot and I think that they will become quilts.  Or maybe a single quilt because they might get lonely if they were separated..... I wonder if they are sisters?  And what are their names?  Hmmmm.       Barbara

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