Thursday, December 13, 2012

Laughter for the Soul

My sister-in-law Jeanne lives in Milwaukee and is a wonderful creative artist who works with all sorts of different groups in Milwaukee.  She is also one of the people that I really admire for the way that she brings ART to people who would not necessarily experience it - in a gentle and fun way. 

I was able to contribute some bits and pieces of fibers and other things for Jeanne to use with her classes.  This is a photo of an intergenerational project that she recently completed - and her explanation.....

"Our theme was Laughter for the Soul. The totems are supposed to represent that theme using art from both the kids and adults. How did we decorate the boxes ? Well, I had the kids doing little art pieces - Picasso Dogs, Funny Faces, Stuart Davis collages and silly ice cream deserts.

The adults embellished large pieces of watercolor paper using paint, pastels and your threads and fabric. They also made some funny faces using paper and your materials.  Both adults and children then got together to paint the boxes and modgepodge all the art on them. We also did some weavings that I sandwiched in between the boxes.

My supervisor at Danceworks set a short piece of a pole in cement in a very large coffee can and then we got narrower poles of about 5 feet that fit in the can. We were instructed to just string the boxes on the poles but not affix them together so the pieces could be reassembled and put together again.

Believe me it was something to see when I was trying to organize all of this at the nursing home with 50+ people and volunteers. It went really well and I did not even get anxious. It is nice to be able to go with the flow, a skill that took me many years to develop. One of the things I love about being older is that I am no longer judging myself constantly like I did when I was young. I guess my brain just doesn't have the energy for that anymore. "

I love the look of the Totem - and am trying to think of a way to try this in Arkansas.  Thanks for the inspiration Jeanne!!!!    barbara

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