Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Purple People

 So I decided to make another face using the same technique as the tiny quilts and the larger green one.  I really like this technique but YIKES did I run into a problem with this purple one.
I love working with purple fabric so I had a lot of scraps and really liked the face but finding a background fabric to put the face on - well that was a challenge.  I tried it on every color you can imagine.  One of the challenges is that the face is basically dark and I didn't have any good light purples.  I did try yellows and greens and pinks and even black.  None of them worked at all.  And I didn't feel like making a 90 mile round trip to try to locate the perfect fabric.

So I ended up using plain lavender.  I NEVER use plain fabric and only owned this one because I made a color wheel once and bought it for that project.  Well the color worked OK but it was sooooo plain and boring looking.  So I started to think about adding additional design elements to fill up the space and make it more interesting.

The photo above is of the paper pattern that I cut to try out my idea.

And this is how it looks when the design is translated into fabric.  I used the same scrappy technique for the element below the face and single pieces of fabric for the circles above the face.

I think that she is beginning to look like some sort of Space Warrior..... with planetary elements above her...... or something.

But I am still not happy with the PLAIN background.  Sheesh!  How do I work myself into these corners?  Next step is to quilt - maybe I can use an interesting stitch design and thread to add some oomph to the piece.  

Check back later to see what happens!

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